Students applying for the loans must:

  • Be Tanzanian,
  • Be  admitted  to  the  Water  Development  and  Management  Institute (WDMI) or continuing students of WDMI who have successfully passed the examinations necessary to enable them to advance to the following year,
  • Have  completed  and  submitted  the  WTF’s  student  Loan  Application Form,
  • Unable to finance their studies at WDMI,
  • Meet other student Loan Eligibility Guidelines as may be issued by the Board of WTF from time to time.


The WTF is mandated to provide financial assistance in a form of a Loan to eligible students (as per section 6.1) to meet the student's’ education costs. The intention of WTF is to provide 100% funding, however in the instance where funds will not be enough to cover all students who applied, the issuance will be prioritized based on the educational results from Secondary school (for first year students) or from the examination results from WDMI (for continuing students).

The loan provided shall be categorized in two components:

Directly related to tuition – payable directly to WDMI and it includes:

  • Tuition fees
  • Examination Fees
  • Stationery
  • Medical costs
  • Registration costs
  • Library fees
  • Caution Money
  • Identity cards
  • Student’s Union membership fees
  • Student’s Union and annual contribution
  • Field Practical

Other costs – directly payable to the students and it includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport

Supporting Documents

Each completed loan application form must be attached to it supporting documents evidencing some key information provided in the application form by the applicant. The supporting documents may be verified by with the issuers to establish their authenticity, the required supporting documents are outlined below:


(i) Certified copy of Birth certificates.

(ii) Certified copy of Death certificates for Orphanage/Single parent

(iii) Medical  report  on  severity  of  the disability

(iv) Official  Letter  of  Retirement  of  the parent for retired parents

(v) Certified copy of Academic Certificates of Form IV & Form VI and/or Equivalent qualifications.

(vi) Certified copy of  Voters Registration Card.


C/o Water Development & Management Institute.

University Road, WDMI Buildings

P.O. Box 35059 Dar es Salaam