The vision of RTWTF is to have qualified and sufficient water technicians in the country.


The mission of RTWTF is to provide financial support for the training of the water technicians through loan disbursement.


1. Service beyond self and Customer Focused

We are committed to deliver a consistent high quality service to our customers who are students, and with outstanding dedication to serve and have a trust from our donors focusing on higher, broader and more efficiency level of service. RTWTF will be the exemplars of the genuine fund for the welfare of water sector, poverty reduction and in general country wise.

2. Maintain a vision and Integrity 

RTWTF shall be visionaries, not only seeing the reality of the world as it is, but also envisioning the world as it should be. It shall maintain its founding spirit and passion, keeping our tangible dreams while learning from our victories and failures. Putting Impartiality as a core to our integrity, we are fair in judgment and treatment whilst free from bias and favoritism

3. Responsibility and Accountability

RTWTF shall be accountable for its actions and decisions, primarily to the community it serves, and also to its funding agencies, the government, partner organizations, and the public at large.   RTWTF shall take ownership of the task at hand, taking the initiative and proactively pulling together resources of all types in order to find and implement its objective. We shall demonstrate ownership of the organization, high level of enthusiasm, be accountable for its execution and outcomes stated and expected goals, and strive for excellence in our work. 

4. Cooperation beyond borders  

It shall maintain ethical, cooperative relationships with the donors, students, colleges, other NGOs, and should partner where possible and appropriate, with organizations and individuals that share common values and objectives for the sake of the greater public good. 

5. Truthfulness and Transparency 

Any information given out shall be accurate, whether regarding itself and its projects, or regarding any individual, organization, project, or legislation it opposes or is discussing. It must be strongly opposed to, and not a willing partner to, corruption, bribery, and other financial improprieties or illegalities and make sure that there is transparent in its dealings with the government, the public, donors, partners, beneficiaries, and other interested parties. 

6. Teamwork, Professionalism and volunteerism 

RTWTF was formed by private initiative, resulting from the voluntary actions of individuals who have chosen to pursue a shared interest of concern. The retaining of voluntary values and principles shall remain a primary force in the way of working of the organization. We work as a group of individuals regardless of our designations passionately committed to meet our goal. We perform our duties with the uppermost standards of skills and expertise. 


C/o Water Development & Management Institute.

University Road, WDMI Buildings

P.O. Box 35059 Dar es Salaam