Welcome to The Registered Trustees of the Water Technicians Fund (RTWTF) website.  The Registered Trustees of the Water Technicians Fund was registered in March 2013 under the Trustees Incorporation Act (Cap 318 R.E. 2002) with the certificate of registration number 4625 with the sole purpose of providing loans to students enrolled at the Water Development and Management Institute. We pride ourselves on investing in the future, developing careers and giving valuable outstanding opportunities to future Water Technicians.

  • WE REDUCE WATER PROBLEM – by increasing the number of water technicians in the country
  • WE REDUCE POVERTY – by providing education to students in need of financial support
  • WE EMPOWER WOMEN – by improving the gender balance in the Profession and by guaranteeing carriers.

Since its registration, the Fund has sponsored 532 eligible students (226 in 2014/2015 and 306 in 2015/2016). This is far from the current need of Water Technicians in the country which is currently estimated to be 5,850.

Your support today can make an impact in our society, please support this cause by making a donation towards the fund.

Thank you,

Edina Sichalwe

Fund Manager

 “The Future depends on what we do in the Present” Mahatma Gandhi


C/o Water Development & Management Institute.

University Road, WDMI Buildings

P.O. Box 35059 Dar es Salaam