1. Dr. Fred Lerise  - GIZ Water Programme (Capacity Dev Component Leader)

2. Mrs. Josephine Gobry - Senior Tutor WDMI

3.Mr. Micheal Msalali  - Former CEO  of ATAWAS

4. Dr Diana Mwiru  - Former Principal of  the Gender and Development Institute

5.Dr Shija kazumba - CEO of  the Water Development and Mangement Institute


Michael M. Msalali

Mr. Michael Msalali was born on 15th of February 1950 he is a Tanzanian citizen he is a scientist in the fields of hydrology, hydrogeology and water management. Mr. Msalali was once employed by the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals as a Regional hydrologist in Kigoma region, Tanzania. He has worked at the Rwegarurila Water Resources Institute now known as Water Development and Management Institute (WDMI) as a tutor and thereafter held the position of the Institute’s Principal, he has also worked as a Chief Executive Officer for Association of Tanzanian Water Suppliers (ATAWAS), he has also been the Chief co-ordinator of the engineering and other sciences board of NACTE. He holds a Bachelor degree (Bsc.) in Applied Hydrology at the University of Dar es Salaam, Msc. Engineering Hydrology from the National University of Ireland, Galway. He has an International Certificate in Water Management at Italian University of Foreigners, Perugia, Italy.

He has attended a number of seminars, workshops and short courses a few of the being; National Hand Pump Technology Workshop in Dar es Salaam, National Anti-corruption Strategy and Action Planning Workshop in Dar es Salaam, International Symposium on Technical Education and Training, Cape Town, South Africa which was organized by World Federation of Technology Organizations and many others. He has also published papers and articles such as; Establishment of Quality Assurance Systems in Technical Institutions under NACTE, article in the NACTE newsletter Issue No. 3 July – Dec 2003, Structure, Roles and Curricula for Water Resources Institute which was a paper prepared for the Water and Sanitation Sector Review and many other papers




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